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US/CA (800) 215-9023

Pony4 Recumbent Quad

Pony4 Recumbent Quad
  • Standard Rear Suspension
  • Optional Heavy Duty Rear Suspension
  • Short Frame
  • Intermediate Drive
  • Optional Front Fenders
  • Rear Fender with Cargo Box
  • Seat Pad
  • Front Suspension
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Pony4 Recumbent Quad

The PONY4 is an innovative four-wheel bicycle offering comfort, stability, cargo capacity, ergonomics and safety in a surprisingly lightweight package.

Four-Wheel Stability with Full Suspension

Don't worry about falling over in corners or while starting or stopping, even with moving loads like kids or dogs.

The Pony4 features composite transverse leaf springs provide a smooth, controlled ride with self-damping for the front and a hydraulic damper for the rear.

Just sit back, pedal, and enjoy the ride.

Powerful Drum Brakes

90mm drum brakes offer dependable stopping power with virtually no maintenance

Light Cro-Mo Frame

The TIG-welded Cro-Mo frame is based on a 2’’ diameter backbone. This robust frame carries up to 405 lbs (185 kg) and weighs only 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). The Pony4 is available with a short wheelbase frame for extra maneuverability, or with a long wheelbase for extra cargo capacity.

Pinion Gearing

German-engineered pinion drive technology offers reliable and carefree shifting with up to a 600% range with the optional C1.12 gearbox.


Looking for an extra push? The Pony4 has two E-Assist options. The first is a simple 250w hub motor mounted on the return chainline, perfect for light loads and flat terrain. For heavier loads and steeper climbs, go for the 250w bottom bracket motor which uses the Rohloff Speedhub as an intermediate drive axle.


total length
total width
total height
ground clearance
bottom bracket height
seat height
seat angle
wheel track
wheel base
weight of naked bike
max weight incl. driver


  Short Wheelbase
Standard  Suspension
Short Wheelbase 
HD Suspension
Long Wheelbase
HD Suspension
Length 1900 mm 2200 mm 2200 mm
Width 799 mm 799 mm 799 mm
Height 980-1080 mm 980-1080 mm 980-1080 mm
Ground Clearance 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Bottom Bracket Height 340 mm 340 mm 340 mm
Seat Height 420-460 mm 420-460 mm 420-460 mm
Seat Angle 50° +/- 15° 50° +/- 15° 50° +/- 15°
Wheel Track 705 mm 705 mm 705 mm
Wheel Base 1000 mm 1000 mm 1310 mm
Bike Weight 24 kg 26 kg 27 kg
Max Weight 135 kg 185 kg 185 kg




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